Leader – Lord Cragen Arro
Population – 180 thousand
Major Races – Human
Military Force – 1 thousand
Major Factions – Fishing Guild
Major Industry – Fishing

Holt is THE fishing capitol of Kolira. There are hundreds of docks and thousands of boats within its borders. The capitol is led by Lord Arro and is very profitable given the demand for fish from people of all walks of life. As with most large cities, it is broken up into multiple districts which have different social classes and wealth levels, and while Lord Arro has made great progress in evening out the classes it still remains a large problem.

Capitol District – This is where Lord Arro rules the city, and where most of the government buildings are located. This is unfortunately where most of the corruption lives. Lord Arro tries to keep the government honest but much wrongdoing slips through the cracks.

Market District – This is by far the largest district and where Lord Arro exerts most of his influence. Lord Arro instructs the city watch to ensure the safety and well-being of the less fortunate Holtiens in this district. Everyone is free to sell and buy as they please. There are high end shops next to ramshackle stands.

Waterfront District – The district bordered by the ocean, and thus is where all commercial fishing operations are based. The only buildings around are offices for large scale fishing businesses.


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