Undeath in Kolira

The Graduation

Wealday, 28th of Arodus
Ashimar of Dreadwood and Geon Lightfoot are met by Headmaster Orum as he briefs them on Ashimar’s upcoming graduation from the academy. He believes that due to Geon’s potential and his bond with Ashimar, that he will be allowed to graduate with Ashimar and they are to take the test together.

Oathday, 29th of Arodus
The two colleagues are brought to an arena for their graduation test. In order to pass, they are tasked with defeating 3 skeletons in battle. They accomplish this with ease and receive their graduation gifts from Headmaster Orum.

Fireday, 30th of Arodus
The group meets with Headmaster Orum to discuss what they will do now that they are full-fledged wizards. He tasks them with investigating a small settlement called Husk, as reports say the town has been attacked multiple times by magic wielding hobgoblins. They make their way to Husk and meet with Belay, a wizard who serves as an adviser in Husk. He tells them that he believes a more sinister force must be behind the hobgoblin attacks, because otherwise they would never use magic for any reason. Night falls and the mages prepare for battle.


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