Undeath in Kolira

"My one weakness! A tiny net!"

He-Who-Speaks-For-Thunder led the group to the cave he had been ordered to investigate. The group goes inside and finds that everything is shrouded in utter darkness even with their darkvision. They fight a Cave Fisher after going the wrong way and He-Who-Speaks-For-Thunder gains a filament rope.

The group then moves on to the only other direction they could go and He-Who-Speaks-For-Thunder is knocked out by a group of orcs while the party has to fight them. The orcs prove to be too much for the group and almost kill the party. He-Who-Speaks-For-Thunder wakes up in the nick of time and defeats the remaining orcs almost single-handedly.

After helping Kai-Lyra back into consciousness, He-Who-Speaks-For-Thunder decides that they all need some time to rest so they leave the cave, headed for Caystead.

The gang has a strange night

The group has been traveling with a caravan from Holt to Landsmeet as hired muscle. They stop in Caystead to resupply and rest, and hear of a Koliran Knight named He-Who-Speaks-For-Thunder. Upon meeting him, he hires them to help investigate some magic happenings in a cave to the north.

Kritias and Gunther decide to head to the more expensive tavern and get very drunk and pass out and are thrown into the street, while (Insert M’s character here), Strides-On-Stone, and Kai-Lyra go to the poorer neighborhood and rent a room at the inn. In the middle of the night, they are awoken to the sound of of panicked townsfolk. Upon investigation, they see a gigantic glowing crystal formed in the ground. When (M) tries to investigate, she feels it resonate to her touch. After a short time the crystal explodes and a figure emerges and speaks what can only be a prophecy:

Upon the Twilight of Storms, when the Silver Boar is Chained, the Prince of Spite shall triumph.

They go back to sleep and have a restful night. In the morning they go find He-Who-Speaks-For-Thunder and he tells them that he told Kritias and Gunther to meet everyone at the cave when they’ve recovered from the previous night. After hinting that another adventurer might be joining them later, they all depart from Caystead.


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