Area: 18850 square miles
Population: 1.8 million people
Army: Pulled from city guard ranks around the kingdom. Numbers at around 10.5 thousand. Hrolk’Shi’s paladins are not part of the kingdom’s armies but may be called to aid in extreme cases.

Kolira is a country comprised of 5 independently ruled capitol cities and Landsmeet where the entire kingdom is ruled from. The country is home to all manner of creatures but is most prominently comprised of humans, elves, and other “civilized” races. To the north is a country that has been walled off for over 500 years called Morterra.

History At a Glance
Kolira has only been a kingdom for about 1000 years. Before that, its inhabitants were mostly self-governed under clans and tribes and self-sufficient communities. The Kingdom of Kolira started with King Kolira as he conquered the continent. His family ruled until about 500 KF, until which his entire family was kidnapped and never heard from again. This same year, the Undead Plague began and almost destroyed the entire population of Kolira.

The Capitol Cities
Landsmeet – Kolira Capitol. Led by King Josef Dredd.
Holt – Commercial Capitol. Led by Lord Cragen Arro.
Hell’s Refuge – Mage Capitol. Led by Lady Janonna Sinsinger.
Hammer’s Hold – Dwarf Capitol. Led by Lord Hornan Giantcrippler.
Paimon – Elvish Capitol. Led by Lord Lord Zanfire Rivendorn.
Hrolk’Shi – Paladin Capitol. Led by Father Severeign Silversoul.


Undeath in Kolira Welora